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Hi everyone!  So today, I am super excited to let you all know the I have partnered with @TRESemmé to bring you a look at their Beauty-Full Volume Collection!

I usually have a pretty basic haircare routine, I wash it, condition it then add a few styling products. More often than not it doesn’t have much volume, especially after I straighten it, curl it and go about my usual routine.  I have pretty thick hair and it’s usually frizzy unless I straighten it then flat and lifeless if I do, it’s pretty annoying to say the least.

I have probably tried over 100 types of shampoo and conditioning treatments in my lifetime, some good and some not but no matter what I have tried my hair always lacks volume.

Now to think all this time, have I been doing it wrong?  I know that washing your hair then conditioning is the norm, so when I read about the Beauty-Full Volume Collection from TRESemmé I was surprised to see you use the conditioner first then shampoo second.  For someone who has always done the opposite, this was mind blowing to me so I was pretty excited to test it out!


After the products arrived, I stepped into the shower and tested out the conditioner.  I left it in my hair for just over a minute then rinsed it out.  The conditioner didn’t take long to rinse out and I instantly noticed my hair didn’t seem as tangled as it usually does.

I then washed my hair with the shampoo, both have a nice scent to them and made my hair feel clean.

Usually I struggle to get a brush through my hair if I use shampoo then don’t condition so I was pretty excited when a brush went through my long thick hair without a problem.

I then added a small amount of TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Hair Maximizer to and brushed it through my hair, then went onto blow drying.

After my hair was blow dried I could not believe just how soft and bouncy it felt, just those 3 products made my hair feel silky and they did an amazing job.


Can you see how bouncy my hair looks?  This is all thanks to @TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Hair Care System, their mousse really helped create root life and the hair spray keeps my hair in place while maintaining it’s natural movement and softness.


This unique and revolutionary reverse wash and care process is certainly different, but us women enjoy challenging the status quo and stepping out of our routine if it will make things much better right?

Check out this video from TRESemmé

If you are looking to add more volume to your hair while keeping it silky and still having that natural bounce, then I recommend checking out the TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Collection! It has really changed the way I style my hair and also helped make it look so much better!

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