Disclosure: I received product samples in return for a review. Regardless all opinions stated are 100% my own.

61EiUeXBFXL._SL1500_The Turtlemeter bath thermometer by Ozeri is probably the coolest little bath thermometer you will ever set eyes on!

He is super easy to use and will make bath time even more fun for your little one!

A few facts about the turtle meter..

  • He was created for the 4 seasons gift package for families that have children
  • He is also a bath toy aswell as a thermometer
  • He has an LCD screen on his back that shows the correct temperature and he checks it every second.
  • He has 3 light up screen colors, Blue for Cold, Green for just right and Red for Hot
  • As soon as you put this little guy in the water he instantly activates and starts reading the temperature.

Our Experience

When Dylan saw me open the package, he yelled “TOY”, I knew he would like the Turtlemeter the moment he set eyes on it!

The turtlemeter was easy to use, I was wondering where the “ON” button is, it doesn’t have one.  You just put him in the tub and he automatically starts reading the temperature and lights up!

Below is a video of him in the bath lighting up, you can see how quickly he works, It doesn’t show him turning red because the water was a lukewarm temperature, but I tried him in really hot water and he did in fact turn red!

The turtlemeter is a really cool guy, he works great and I think everyone should use a bath thermometer, especially with young babies!

Want to check him out for yourself? Click Here to purchase The Ozeri Turtlemeter!