With Valentines day only a few days away, it’s time to think about what would make the perfect gift for your loved ones, your kids, their teachers and whoever else you love to treat on Valentines Day!  I always give my kids a something to give to their teacher and give them a little treat to give to their dad so it’s “from the kids” and not just me.  Walkers Shortbread has us covered for gifts this year, they have the most amazing shortbread and delicious chocolate covered treat that every chocolate addict will love!

Chocolate & Toffee Shortbread


The perfect blend of  Walkers Shortbread and delicious toffee pieces half coated in smooth milk chocolate makes for a mouth-watering combination.

I can’t get enough of this stuff, no I wasn’t gifting it, I saved it for myself and threw some of it into a fun recipe which I will be showcasing later this month!  Who doesn’t love shortbread, chocolate chips, toffee and more chocolate? This is delicious, melt in your mouth type stuff that you all need to try!

Chocolate & Raspberry Shortbread


A new combination of scrumptious raspberry shortbread, half coated with rich dark chocolate.

Chocolate and Raspberry, what’s not to love?  These shortbread cookies are delicious, fruity and have a good crunch that will satisfy any sweet tooth in a moment!

Ginger Royals


A unique shortbread, combining the moistness of real stem ginger with the crispness of Walkers traditional pure butter shortbread, plus the irresistible taste of dark chocolate.

My neighbor loves ginger, this is a perfect little gift for her, not only for valentines day but for appreciation, she is always so nice to us.  With the perfect cookie and beautiful walkers shortbread box, these make a lovely gift and will satisfy any ginger craving!

Orange Royals


Crisp pure butter shortbread baked with Mediterranean oranges and smothered in rich smooth milk chocolate.

I am a sucker for orange and milk chocolate, the two flavors combined are just the most amazing thing.  Add Walkers shortbread into the mix and you have yourself the most delicious snack!

Walkers Shortbread Chocolate Scottie Dogs



Made with chocolate dough and added chocolate chips, this chocoholic version of our ever-popular Scottie Dogs Shortbread is made with only the finest ingredients.

My uncle had a Scottie dog, it was the cutest thing ever and they are friendly little chaps.  These cookies are just the cutest and would make the perfect gift for classmates or spicing up an ordinary cupcake, dip them in icing, the possibilities are endless!

Walkers Chocolate Chip Shortbread with Gluten Free Option


The timeless delight of Walkers‘ traditional Scottish shortbread with added luscious chunks of smooth dark chocolate chunks. Chocolate Chip Shortbread brings a certain self-indulgence to give you a real treat. The Gluten free version is made delicious by replacing the wheat with a blend of rice flour, maize flour and potato starch, you get all the pure-butter delicious taste – without the gluten!

I love that Walkers caters to people with gluten free needs, both the regular chocolate chip shortbread and gluten free version are equally delicious, there isn’t much difference in flavor and I love to find gluten free products that taste good!

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Disclosure: I Partnered with Walkers Shortbread for this post as part of the Walkers Shortbread Society.