Vaping is becoming ever so popular, it’s a new way to relax, socialize and if you are a smoker, replace cigarettes!

Vaporhop was created to increase awareness about vaping and their focus is to make vaping more enjoyable and much more accessible.  Vaporhop opens up an entire world of flavor, the name “vaporhop” came from their way of using different flavors, they don’t just use one, they hop from one flavor to another flavor which makes vaping a much more enjoyable and interesting experience!  This experience is what Vaporhop will provide to their customers!

All e-liquids are manufactured in GMP Compliant Facilities in California and are produced to the highest quality.  Vaporhop gives you the ultimate control over your choice of flavors.


Vaporhop Review

Website –

Ships – USA

Pricing Options – $14.99 / Month (2 Flavors 30ml), $24.99 / Month (4 flavors 60ml),  $34.99 Month (6 flavors 90ml)

Each new subscription also comes with a vaporhop carrying case!

When you sign up for Vaporhop there are a lot of options, you decide which flavors you like and which flavors you dislike, your flavors are then added to a line and those that is the order they will be sent out, you also have the option to rearrange the order therefore it is extremely customizable!

Vaporhop also offers members only prices on vaping equipment!

The Carrying Case

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When I first saw this I thought it was a sunglseses case..  blonde moment. I actually love this carrying case, it’s about the same size as a sunglasses case, it’s small convenient and can fit into your pocket or bag.  I like that it can fit quite a few E-Liquids and there is also a space for your equipment!

Everything fits in tightly, nothing will be rolling around or falling out your pocket with this case!

The E-Liquids

I chose 18mg of nicotine so I can get a taste for each liquid and the effect, just like smoking a cigarette and the nicotine hits the spot!


Gummy Bear E-Liquid

This liquid is so good! It tastes just like you are eating a gummy bear!  If you crave gummy bears or sweet stuff this will definitely help curve those cravings!


Maple Waffle

I think most people love waffles but do you know how unhealthy waffles and all the toppings can be?  Ditch the waffles and use this E Liquid instead, it tastes just like a sweet maple waffle, without all the carbs and fat!  This is seriously good stuff!


Dry Blend

Tastes like smoking a cigarette, like I have said before, these flavors are perfect if you are a cigarette smoker and looking to quit or switch to vaping, you really won’t notice much difference especially with the added nicotine.


Banana Cream Pie

I saved the best till last, the flavor you get in your mouth after vaping this is so yummy!  It tastes just like banana cream pie without all the fat and carbs.  I love banana flavored anything so this was always going to be a favorite!

My Final Thoughts

Vaporhop is a great value for quality and money, you basically get each liquid for $7.50 with the 2 E-Liquids plan and even less with the higher up plans.

The vapors I tried out are really high quality, they taste amazing and each flavor is true to it’s word.

If you like eating a lot of candy or chocolate, vaping could be a good alternative!  If you are a smoker and want to quit or use a better and less expensive option vaping is something you have to try out!

The members only pricing on Vaporhop is a great deal and an easy way to get all of the start up equipment that you need to start vaping.

The carry case is awesome, It holds pretty much everything you need to carry around while you are vaping, the parts and vapors will not go missing if you use this!

if you would like to try out Vaporhop use the coupon code “COFFEE” for 25% OFF your first month and Click Here!

I received this product free of charge in return for my honest opinion. All opinions are 100% my own and are not influenced in any way. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.