When you’re raising a child, you need to set boundaries and rules to help them understand how to make it through life. One of the most difficult aspects can be teaching them how to use the bathroom. Even when they’re past potty-training age, they still need to have a thorough understanding of how to properly use and maintain a bathroom.

There is so much that your children need to keep in mind. The list can be endless, from keeping it clean and orderly to bathing properly. Here is a guide on teaching your kids how to use the bathroom.

1. Keeping It Clean

It’s easy for bathrooms to decline in quality over time, with water and things like towels strewn about. You should take the time to educate your kids on maintaining a clean bathroom. Teach them to hang their towels and put their toothbrushes away. Ingraining this practice may take a while, but once achieved, it is truly a fulfilment for both you and your kid.

2. Sharing

This is especially important if you have multiple children sharing a bathroom. A bathroom is an important place in a house and needs to be shared properly. There should be no tolerance for bathroom hogging in your home.

Following a daily schedule or routine for this will also help maintain order within siblings or even any other family members. You don’t want anyone to feel like they’re not getting enough time for the bathroom.

3. Proper Toilet Use

When your child is comfortable using the toilet by themselves, you need to show them all the ways to properly use it. Standard-sized toilets are usually too high up for children, so you may have to help them climb up or use a stool.

If you have a kids’ playroom in the basement, you can consider installing a Saniflo SaniBEST toilet unit since this type can be installed even in areas that are below ground level. That means the kids don’t have to wait for some time before they can use a bathroom.

Aside from that, the Saniflo toilet uses a grinder system in disposing waste. When kids accidentally drop items like dental floss or cotton swabs in the bowl, there won’t be any trouble flushing the toilet or other plumbing problems afterward.

4. Brushing and Flossing

Your teeth deserve the utmost care. Kids should devote a part of their time every day to brushing and flossing. Show them how to do so properly, and make sure they follow through with it on a daily and nightly basis. It’s vital that your children understand how important it is to care for their teeth.


Teaching your kids how to use the bathroom properly is a true breakthrough as a parent. This may need more patience and understanding, but the result is certainly rewarding. By following these tips, you can make your children pros at how to use a bathroom properly and keep it in great condition. It also saves you from doing additional errands at home.