My family were over from Scotland recently and I decided to take them to Chuck E Cheese to visit Helen Henny for a special birthday!


My cousins and even my 85 year old grandad loved Chuck E Cheese, my grandad had a ham and cheese sandwich that they made especially for him, I think that won his heart!  Myself, My cousin, her boyfriend and my kids all shared some pizza, I am obsessed with Chuck E Cheese pizza, it’s always delicious.

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Helen Henny and Chuck E Cheese came to our table and we celebrated her birthday!  My son got to help her blow out the candles and we each shared a delicious chocolate cake.





Why do I love Chuck E Cheese? It’s AMAZING for the WHOLE family, the hostess, the staff and everyone is so friendly and they serve delicious food and provide amazing entertainment!

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I hope you all got a chance to meet Helen Henny at your local Chuck E Cheese!