Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Disney, I attended the Cars 3 Event and received and all expenses paid trip in exchange for coverage.

Last month I got the chance of a lifetime, I got to visit the Sonoma Raceway in San Francisco as part of the Cars 3 Event, we interviewed the Cars 3 Director, Sped around the track in a Race Car, learned how to quickly change a tired and learned about the history of racing!

My Race Car Experience

Okay, so i’m not a person who gets nervous about things and I didn’t get nervous about riding in a race car on the Sonoma Racetrack, I was more excited and couldn’t wait to feel the thrill of going around 90mph without stopping!  We wore helmets, we entered the race car that was attached with a gopro so it could film our thrilling adventure around the Raceway.

When the racecar first took off, it got fast pretty quickly but I didn’t find that part too scary, then we went round a few curves and I swear I thought we would flip over but no, we didn’t i’m still hear to tell the tale and it was SO exciting.  There is extra weight in the middle of a race car that prevents it from flipping over so that’s one good thing I learned whilst freaking out!

There were also 3 other cars on the track with my fellow bloggers, the race cars would slow down really fast, get up close to one another, speed up and freak me the heck out but it was so much fun and I’m glad I did it, it was a once in a lifetime experience for me!

Photo Credit: Marc Flores

The Pit Stop

This where we learned how to change a tire super fast, a few of my fellow bloggers took the challenge and they raced to change one and see who could do it the fastest!  My husband was excited when I told him I was going to learn how to change a tire as he usually does everything car related for me, so now I know a little more!

We also got to have our pictures taken with a few of the Cars Characters and sit in a race car that had a cool simulator!

Tour of the Garage

Whilst at Sonoma Raceway we got a chance to meet Tony Nicholson from Robin Automotive, he was really nice and had a lovely aussie accent, he has worked with cars for years and he let us know exactly how things work around the garage and what needs to be done before any type of race.

Meeting Ray Evernham

One of the highlights of this trip was meeting Ray Evernham, a 3 time Winston Cup Series Champion and Former Auto Racer.  He was such a nice guy, he gave us lots of great info and even let me take a cool selfie with him! He knows a lot about Nascar and gave us some great info!

Are You Excited for Cars 3?!!!

Cars 3 will open in Theaters everywhere on June 16th! I will be writing about that at a later date so keep an eye out, it’s going to be AMAZING!

Check out the most recent Cars 3 Trailer

About Cars 3

After being trounced in a race by upstart newcomer Jackson Storm (Armie Hammer), everyone begins to wonder if Lighting McQueen (Owen Wilson) should retire. But Lightning isn’t ready to throw in the towel yet, and with the help of another rookie – Cruz Ramirez (Cristela Alonzo) – the old dog is going to learn some new tricks and attempt a comeback in the Florida 500.


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