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20140606_163613_zpsncx1khp0 (1)The Wet Shave Club is a Mens subscription box service that sends out products for the perfect shave each month!  In the first box you will receive a classic safety razor along with a brush, shaving soaps, double edge razor blades and more!

The boxes sent out after the first month will contain 2 – 3oz of soap in 1 to 4 different scents, 10 double edged blades from 2 different brands plus some cool mystery extras!  If by any chance you need a new razor or lose your current one, Wet Shave Club will replace it free of charge throughout your membership!

The Products

My husband was excited to try everything in this box, I don’t think he has ever used a wet shaver before so this is new to him!


Safety Razor

This will give a very close shave, it’s heavy metal, sturdy and holds double edge blades that will give a fabulous wet shaving experience. I love how shiny it is!


Safety Brush

This has super soft bristles and is made from animal hair!  This brush helps to hydrate the shaving cream and form a thick shaving lather which helps give you a much smoother shave.


Sterling Shaving Soap

I am stealing the rosemary mint one, sorry Paul but this smells SO good! These soaps are made from natural ingredients, they are handmade and chemical free.  The soap gives a good lather and feels great on your skin!



Double Edged Blades

Shark Super Chrome blades are stainless steel and polymer coated for smoothness and longevity, they deliver an outstanding smooth shave and are used by both barbers and wet shavers.

Gillette Silver Blue blades are made in Russia and have a platinum coating that insures outstanding smoothness, comfort and longevity.

20140606_163725_zpsogsswgftStyptic Matches

If you nick your skin while you are shaving these syptic matches will stop the bleeding quickly.

My Thoughts

This is a great deal and Paul enjoyed his first wet shave, he did catch his skin but it was his first try so that is to be expected and Styptic matches came in handy!

The Wet Shave club delivers the ultimate wet shave experience and if you are new to wet shaving then this is a great start up kit!

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Disclosure: This box was sent for review purposes, all opinions are my own.