A game “rec” room is the antithesis of mundane responsibilities and household chores.  Even formal, reserved families need time to let loose, be silly and relax with friends. A recreational room is an oasis of fun, a protected bubble, unconcerned with the outside world. Home based game activities also save money by eliminating the need and desire to spend money on outside entertainment. Moving away from a sedentary, Television based gathering, promotes social interactions, physical health and creativity. In a growing age of child safety concerns, it’s also a safe zone where children and young adults can “party” without fear of endangering environments.



Trivial at face value, games facilitate deep familial bonding moments. Whether you add a Rec Warehouse billiards, ping pong or foosball table, the room promotes exciting competition, winning and learning how to lose gracefully (just don’t make it a habit!).  Necessary development skills such as hand eye coordination, concentration and critical thinking skills can all be enhanced through table games; self-esteem, confidence, social skills are also a positive byproduct.

While adults need a mental diversion and physical stress release, an ancillary, financial benefit appears years later. Homes equipped with recreation rooms or sections increase resale value.  Buyers can more easily justify a recreational purchase, knowing its more akin to an investment rather than pure expense.  Consumer Reports asserts game rooms, also known as flex rooms, can serve a variety of purposes and help boost a home’s value.

The Rec Room: Once it is time to take a game room to the next level, home owners should consider what styles suits them best.  Rec Warehouse offers an expansive selection of billiards, from minimalist, modern tables to ornate, traditional ones.  If billiards is not the preferred choice, consumers can go to Rec Warehouse for table tennis, foosball, table hockey, and shuffleboards. With trusted brands: Prince, Goal, and Manchester, one can create the ideal, customized room. Replacement parts and paddles are conveniently accessible; the action never has to stop.  Next, create the precise atmosphere with appropriate lighting and game room furniture.  Audio enhances our moods and emotions. The experience is completed with a jukebox, available in 4 different formats; AM/FM radio, CD, WAV and MP3 files.  

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“Woman / She Caves::  Mancaves have been around for centuries but women often become martyrs of daily life, without an outlet to relax.  If a game room is not one’s style, Rec Warehouse offers luxury saunas and tanning beds.  Sauna heat can help rejuvenate one’s body.  Whether it becomes a place to escape, detox or relieve stress, the company has over 4 sizes and styles to virtually fit any home.  Designed for swift, seamless assembly, the WaveTec saunas at Rec Warehouse contain additional amenities: interior reading lights, built in MP3 sound systems and magazine racks.  Moreover, all Rec Warehouse Saunas come with a 5-Year Warranty on the wood, structure, heating elements & electrical as well as a 1-Year Warranty on sound system. 

Don’t like to sweat but want to look your best? Tanning beds offer all year-round color and a reprieve from the grey, cloudy, winter months.  Tanning beds are available in stand-up, traditional horizontal beds and compact units mounted to doorways.  The tanning units provide the latest in Red Visible Light technology, which assists natural collagen and vitamin D production.

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Outdoor Nirvana: While an interior living space can assuage the most bored family members, a more active, outdoor lifestyle is always recommended.  Instead of settling for cheap plastic patio furniture, both functional and aesthetic dining furniture do not have to be mutually exclusive. Boost the cooking layout from a barbeque to a full outdoor kitchen.  Excite guests with a cookout on the grill, outdoor oven and keep the prep items stocked in the backyard refrigerator. An above ground pool and hot tub combination ensures the fun never stops.

Since its start 43 years ago, Rec Warehouse has been a one stop shop for household upgrades and entertainment.  From its humble beginnings in North Tonawanda, NY to the trusted and respected industry leader it is today, Rec Warehouse has more recently planted its feet in Atlanta, Georgia.  What was once a dream conceived by Gary and Don Doebler, is a multi-million-dollar business run by David and his children, (Don Doebler’s son and grandchildren).  While above ground swimming pools, hot tubs, and pool tables have always remained Rec Warehouse’s main product categories, other products have strategically been added due to demand such as patio furniture, gas grills, ceiling fans, tanning beds, and saunas.  With ecommerce providing a national platform, Rec Warehouse has extended its reach, lowered operating costs, and passes the savings onto its valued customers.