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I am absolutely in love with the new Zippit Bedding we just received, my son is a restless sleeper and his blanket always ends up on the floor or somewhere weird, Zippit bedding is super cool and stays in place all night long!


It is also reversible so it has a cool pattern on one side and some awesome looking icons, symbols, animals and things on the other side, which means it’s multifunctional and you can mix and match it as you please!


Zippit Bedding comes in all different types of patterns, colors and it’s just a really fun way to jazz up any kids room.  My son knew what this was instantly when I opened the mail, he has been eyeballing it for a while and was super excited when he saw his new bed set!

As soon as it arrived we washed it and added some fabric softener, you know how it is, new bedding can be a little stiff until you wash it.  It remained the same size, even after we put it in the dryer but I love my fabric softener and this softened up the bedding beautifully!


What I love about the bedding is that you can take the actual blanket off, just unzip it like you would do to a jacket and it will come off and easily go back on, it also included a cute pillow case which is also reversible.

It also gets cold in our home in the winter, until we get some new windows fitted next year the heat sometimes escapes a little and when my son kicks his covers off during the night he gets cold, which isn’t good.

The bedding doesn’t zip all the way around the bottom which I think is great because you don’t have that “trapped” feeling and can easily get out, it also has a  nifty side pocket so your kids can store their toys or bedtime snacks!


Dylan loves his new bed set and it also means I don’t have to make his bed in the morning (which I don’t usually do, but don’t tell anyone…).


We also received a super cute pink set for my daughters room, she will be 2 in January and is almost at that stage where she can climb out her crib, I know she is going to love her new bedding when we get her a twin.


This bed set had me at pink and chevron..  if my husband would allow it, this would be my pattern of choice on our own bed.


On the other side of this bed set is a cool rock princess feel, perfect for little ones, teens, tweens, you name it, I love the pattern!

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