Last year, my son got lots of cars and other toys for the holidays, this year we want to implement something more creative, fun and new that he doesn’t already have, now let me introduce you to Zoomer Dino!  He is a unique and fun pet dinosaur that you can interact with and control with hand movements or a control pod.

IMG_2673Before I even opened the awesome looking box, Dylan got super excited, he knew there was something cool inside and couldn’t contain the smile on his face!  This toy is completely different from the usual type of of thing we get him, this is why we love Zoomer Dino!

IMG_2883So, Zoomer isn’t just a toy, he is also a pet, he has a mind of his own but can also be tamed with simple hand movements such as waving your hands in front of him.  There is also a control pod included which means if he slips and face plants on the floor you can use that to get him back up on his feet or sometimes he will lift himself back up. The control pod can also be used to control his mouth, his movements and various other actions. The wheels that are his feet use a True Balance Technology that works like magic!


When Zoomer Dino gets angry his eyes turn red, he will roar, chomp and spin around, for instance if you pull his tale he won’t be a happy dinosaur, Dylan found this hilarious.  There are a few different colors that his eyes will turn and with those you can tell what mood or mode he is in, blue is his sensory mode, red is his angry mode, green is his happy mode and purple is for gestures!

Zoomer Dino works on wood flooring, short carpets and flat surfaces, he comes with instructions but the more you check him out and learn how to command him the easier he is to control.  He also comes with an adapter so when he runs out of energy, just charge him back up again.


Dylan absolutely loves playing with Zoomer Dino, he hasn’t quite figured out the controls yet but we are teaching him and he loves the happy little purring noises Dino makes when he is happy! The fact that he is a remote control dinosaur makes this toy an even more exciting experience for Dylan.  My husband has a big obsession with RC things and has passed some of this onto Dylan who loves remote control toys too.

The first day we got him, Dylan was having so much fun and wanted to cuddle him to sleep which I thought was so cute! Check out the video below of Zoomer Dino in action!

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Zoomer Dino is recommended for children aged 5+, the control pod requires 3AAA batteries and he can purchased in stores such as Walmart, Amazon, Toy r us and Target!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Zoomer. The opinions and text are all mine.