I got the chance to watch the Zootopia movie a few weeks before it was released on my recent press trip, now I am about to spill the beans on how amazing the movie is! I won’t go into full detail as I don’t want to completely spoil it for you, because it’s a movie that both kids and adults will find hilariously funny, sweet and epic!


Zootopia is filled with animals of all kinds, big, small and tiny, it’s a world just for animals, they have cars and houses just like humans do!

Judy Hopps was picked on when she was little by a fox, that scarred her a bit, when she grows up, she wants to help people and help out with the bad guys in society.  She also carries around fox spray just in case!

Most jobs like being a cop, are given to bigger animals like elephants rhinos but Judy manages to get herself into the police force, although she isn’t given the job in the force she wanted she does her best at it!


On Judy’s job, she meets a fox, Nick Wilde, who tricks her into buying him some food. Nick Wilde has a partner and they con artists, they are pretty smart too!

Once Judy uncovers his scam, she makes him help her out with a case she wants to work on and from there the pair of them go on an adventure to find out why some animals are going crazy!

ZOOTOPIA – ASSISTANT MAYOR BELLWETHER, a sweet sheep with a little voice and a lot of wool, who constantly finds herself under foot of the larger-than-life Mayor Lionheart. ©2015 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

The movie has hidden jokes just for the adults, I personally found it hilarious and don’t let me forget, there is a scene with sloths at the DMV which is freakin’ hilarious, you have to see it to understand!

Zootopia covers all things like fear, excitement and how smaller animals can be treated by bigger animals, it’s a wonderful movie that the whole family will love!

Zootopia Opens in Theaters Today!!!

Check out the trailers and you will know just why this movie will be fun for the whole family!

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